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Why ZoomPad?

ZoomPad is a revolutionary new way for artist and individuals to communicate with a computer. The mouse and keyboard has virtually not changed since the invention of the home computer. However, drawing with a mouse is similar to drawing with a rock. And drawing tablets today still have some unnatural irritating issues. ZoomPad is the first to take technology in a more natural and interactive direction. ZoomPad is designed according to instinctive human experience. This application was created to operate with a drawing tablet, however it can also work with a mouse.

Every digital artist knows that drawing tablets are useful tools, and nothing else in the industry compares to their technology. However, there is always room for improvement. There are two areas where drawing tablets today are lacking movement and shortcuts. Without an extensive change to the overall design of the drawing tablets by making a larger track pad and intergrading keyboard onto the tablets themselves, there really is no easy solution to this problem, until now.

With ZoomPad users can sit back and draw for the first time! They can sit as comfortably as they want with their tablets and smart phone in lap with no longer having to be at a desk and never having to resort back to their mouse and keyboard. It eliminates the need to switch back and forth between the tablet and the mouse/keyboard. With ZoomPad the drawing tablet then becomes not only a utility of drawing and high detail work, but also one for general use as well. This application makes the drawing tablet completely independent and makes using a drawing tablet faster, more efficient, and easily comprehendible.

The application is designed to function with any Mac or PC computer. It connects wirelessly to the computer via router (and soon Bluetooth), avoiding plug in connection time and tangling cords.

ZoomPad is keenly adapted to Photoshop allowing for special features like color swap, or layer options, as well as easy access to the control, command, alt and shift keys. It can also be used as a general tool when browsing the web. Furthermore, we are developing ZoomPads technology to be utilized in many other programs that require intensive art board zooming, mouse movement, and shortcut keys, as in Illustrator, Z brush, Maya, and others.

There are many other features that will continue to be added to the application. Overall, the application's concept is to virtually eliminate the need of a mouse and keyboard when using any drawing tablet and solve all movement and short cut problems. It will coincide with other programs to provide faster access to tools and utilities. It will also allow for more comfort for users and provide a natural art board feel and better movement, while making it faster for them to perform their tasks and complete their projects. This application will be ideal for users with drawing tablets of any size and brand, providing an even more awesome drawing experience.

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ZoomPad on the Brain

ZoomPad on the Brain

Concerning the issue of "movement and drawing with one hand", this concept has never really been addressed. In theory, using the same hand to draw and then move across the art board is a great idea, and it works well with a mouse. However, it only works with a mouse because finger movement is separate from hand movement, and you can see that concept utilized in the mouse scroll wheel.

Although movement and drawing seem like similar actions, when people are performing these actions with a pen, their arm and finger movements operate as one, and then to perform the tasks of "drawing and movement" their brain divides the functions into left arm and right arm functions. For instance: if you were drawing, you probably hold or turn the drawing pad with your left hand as you draw with your right hand or vise versa. Now, to perform these functions with the same hand it actually requires the individual to switch their frame of thinking and uses a different part of the brain to perform these tasks, which greatly interrupts workflow.

This current feature, "same hand drawing and movement" with a pen, can work well with individuals who are ambidextrous or who have a faster thinking capacity. However, not all people have a faster thinking capacity, and there is only a tiny fraction of people that are ambidextrous in hand movement. On the contrary, almost every one is sufficiently ambidextrous when it comes to finger movements. This application utilizes this concept to solve the problem. The application combines an entire keyboard, mouse zoom features, and more into one easy to use fingertip application, allowing for easy control. It also divides the drawing and movement tasks into two separate hands, creating a more natural, understandable human action. Also, this application is suitable for either hand.

Thereby separating the individuals movement and drawing functions into two separate hands the person is then able to completely control both functions evenly and simultaneously, because both parts of the brain are able to focus both functions independently in each hand. ZoomPad separates drawing and movement functions perfectly and thus provides for a faster workflow, and a true natural feel while drawing.

"My name is Kayla, and I'm am a digital artist, photogrrapher, and designer. I own a Wacom Cintiq and a Bamboo. The Cintiq tablet is by far the best tablet on the market. However, I find it quite frustrating and difficult when it comes to moving around my art board (screen) and performing shortcuts. Because the Cintiq is so large, it can become tiring to use, and I have to reposition myself just to use the mouse/keyboard that I constantly need. I often times find myself setting down my Cintiq because the zoom and shortcut features on my mouse/keyboard are more efficient and less tiring. Due to this problem, I use my mouse/keyboard to get the majority of the job done. Then I switch back to the Cintiq for elements that require high detail. This results in a loss of time, discomfort, inconvenience, and oftentimes a loss of art quality. Also as a result of not wanting to switch back and forth between mouse/keyboard and my Cintiq tablet, I find myself using my Bamboo more often because of its smaller size, which makes the switching transition much easier. It is also difficult to move across the art space with the same hand that I use to draw with (like all tablets require you to do today). I have tried every combination and possible solution in configuring my touch strips and buttons on my Cintiq to work more efficiently. I have come to the understanding that the two-directional track pads and programmable buttons on my drawing tablet is simply not enough. It does not allow for the moveable freedom or variety of shortcut keys that artists these days now require. Zoom Pad has a terrific solution to solve not only the issues listed above, but it also provides alternatives to other tasks that I perform constantly, which makes for a much more natural feel when drawing."

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